About BC Tree

BC Tree Service offers a wide range of high quality tree and plant care services to clients in the greater Vancouver area. Feel free to learn more about us through our webpages, which give brief summaries of our history, philosophy, certifications, equipment, recent news, and business partners.

Our History

20 Years and Still Growing Strong

BC Tree Service has been providing quality customer care to our clients in the Greater Vancouver area for over 20 years. We came from humble beginnings, but have grown and matured considerably since we first started out.

During the early years, BC Tree Service instituted a commitment to responsible customer care that we diligently adhere today, over a decade later. Having set high standards in our work and business practice, we ensured that the final product met or exceeded our customers’ expectations. Our reputation as a vendor providing quality and timely assistance allowed us to establish long-standing relationships with our clients, some of which are still with us today. Through personal referrals and return customers, we kept busy building on our experiences.

As time went on, we began expanding our range of services. New equipment, combined with continued study of tree and plant care practices, allowed us to successfully complete more difficult and often high-risk projects. Demand for our services increased and, as a result, not only did we grow in size, we also strengthened our knowledgebase through the hiring of highly trained, competent, and accredited staff. Our years in the region fostered relationships with a network of supporting industry vendors. Through strategic partnerships with these companies, we offer many value-added, on-stop options to our valued patrons.

BC Tree Service continues to look for new growth opportunities on a daily basis, yet will always remain committed to serving the needs of our community.

Our Philosophy

No one is an expert in all areas, nor can everyone be prepared for every contingency. At BC Tree Service, we specialize in tree and tree-related services and are more than happy to assist in situations where you need a professional opinion, assessment, and/or our exceptional services.

We recognize that anxiety and stress associated with an emergency. BC Tree Service is there should you need us 24/7. In any situation in which we feel that we can reach your property and promptly provide the level of service you deserve, we will make every effort to refer you to the next best option serving your region.

At BC Tree Service, our customers come first. Not only do we pride ourselves in meeting our clients’ expectations, we understand the value of repeat business and in maintaining an excellent reputation in our community. To us, business is more than just a bottom line.


Getting the most for the least money seems like a great idea. In most cases that would be true. However, sometimes you not only get what you pay for, you may unknowingly expose yourself to additional costs, aggravation, and find the job not up to standard. Results of poorly performed work may only become evident many years down the road, most likely after the original vendor is no longer around.

Running a business on slim margins in today’s marketplace means that some companies are willing to put themselves and their customers at risk. Before going ahead with any work, ensure that the company you are considering is registered, accredited, and holds appropriate coverage. According to the Workers’ Compensation Board of BC, “If the business you hire is not registered or not making its payments to the WCB, you could be liable for insurance premiums owing in connection with the work or service being performed on your behalf. That’s why you should always obtain a clearance letter before a business or contractor starts working for you and again before you make the final payment.” Further information on this matter is available on their website.

BC Tree Service employees are covered by the WCB of BC and are knowledgeable about workplace hazards. Look for these accreditations and ask questions before you make any decision that can impact you and your property.


BC Tree Service carries a wide range of equipment to meet your tree and plant care needs. From pruning shears, to chainsaws, to a 5 ton cherry picker, we’ve got what it takes to get the job done right.

At BC Tree Service, all of our equipment is constantly inspected and kept to industry standard. We keep our staff up-to-date on new methodologies, and take the required time to train in the proper use of all tools that comprise our large inventory. Through these practices, we ensure optimal results, while protecting both our workers and our clients’ properties. We’ve got a great safety and performance record with the right equipment to back it up.

Our Partners

Over the years, we have worked on numerous large-scale projects requiring the co-ordination of a substantial numbers of vendors associated with tree and plant care industry. Through these first hand experiences, we have come to know some of the best in the business.

In order to offer our customers “one-stop” services, we have entered into strategic partnerships with some of these companies. This network of strategic alliances provides our customers with a “value-added” option second to none. We save them time, effort, and costs, while providing them with the exceptional results. BC Tree Service offers additional resources via our professional relationships with:

Leaf –Weedaway

Leaf –In The Bag Enterprises

Leaf –North by Northwest

We are always looking to establish new partnerships with local companies. Should your business be interested in joining our network, we’d be more than happy to hear from you.