Our Clients

Corporate Properties

Managers are faced with maintenance and improvement expenditures in addition to those incurred in ensuring that the state of the property addresses legal requirements. In most instances, appropriate planning and timely appropriate actions limit expenses and liability both immediately and in future seasons. BC Tree Service has provided valuable assistance to our clients in a wide range of settings:

–Office and Retail Properties

In addition to ensuring the safety and security of your clients and employees, a professionally maintained property should be part of any company’s approach to business. Not only do your discerning clients appreciate your effort, but the corporation’s visual image may impact a potential customer’s decision-making process prior to them stepping through your door.

–Multifamily Residential Dwellings

At BC Tree Service, we understand the importance of having dependable contractors in a property manager’s Rolodex. Our experience, in-house, and partner services will ensure that a residential community’s trees, shrubs, and plants are attractive and safe. Property managers need not search for and co-ordinate multiple vendors, thereby saving costs and valuable time that can better be spent addressing other issues.

–Public Properties

The Lower Mainland offers some of the most spectacular recreational opportunities to the general public. This includes numerous parks, golf courses, picnic areas, playgrounds, and complexes. Legal jurisprudence requires that “duty of care” must be performed in all settings in which residents walk, play, picnic, and engage in public entertainment. Thus, site managers must ensure that these areas are kept to high standards as well as safe for the end users. BC Tree Service has extensively supported the preservation of the area’s trees and plants, helping to keep it them both beautiful and safe.

Some of BC Tree Service’s current and previous corporate clients include:

Vancouver School Board

  • Nexus Construction Ltd.
  • Baywest Management Corporation
  • Peter Kiewit Sons Co. Ltd.
  • B.C. Place Stadium
  • Richmond School Board
  • North by Northwest Ventures Inc.
  • Kindred Construction Ltd.
  • Bayside Property Services Ltd.
  • Davin Management Ltd.

We’d be more than happy to have your business listed with us. Check back often as we add images of recently completed projects to the site.

Residential Properties

If you own a property or are considering buying or selling a home, take a few minutes to consider the importance of inspecting, maintaining, or upgrading the trees, shrubs, and plants comprising the estate. As a homeowner, appropriate planning and maintenance will provide you with pleasant scenery, while reducing the risks of property damage and personal injury. Bear in mind that trees, shrubs, and plants are dynamic organisms, and that their needs will vary with each season, during their lifetime, and with changes to surrounding land usage.

Various maintenance activities can be used to maintain or improve the health of the trees, shrubs, and plants. Determining what types of maintenance activities (mulching, watering, pruning, fertilizing, disease and pest control, and removal) to provide and when to do them, is dependent on several factors, such as time of year, age and species, site conditions, and costs.

Insurance companies are receiving increasingly costly claims for subsidence (settling of an area of land due to the decomposition of organic material in the soil, the removal of groundwater, or other reasons) and tree damage. As a result, insurers and mortgage lenders may require that a survey of the property be performed. Timely evaluation can highlight defects prior to them becoming a problem. From a legal standpoint, a tree owner is normally responsible for any damage caused by falling trees or branches. Consequently, the judicial systems has adopted the principle that trees should be inspected at regular intervals and, if necessary, expert advice sought. Damage from environmental factors (wind, trenching, drought), micro-organisms, and animals resulting in wood decay and loss of strength may require immediate remedial action Maximizing the “curb appeal” of a property provides a tremendous sense of satisfaction to a homeowner, in addition to increasing the estate’s equity. The presence of well-placed and properly maintained trees, shrubs, and plants significantly raises appraisal values and salability.

BC Tree Services provides the knowledge, equipment, and resources best suited to meet the needs of our residential homeowner clientele.