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Tree Emergency

Tree Emergency

There are things in life that we can’t control. Damage to trees by storms is one of them.

Sudden windstorms occur in the Lower Mainland on an intermittent and unpredictable basis. The high winds place enormous stresses on trees. Limbs may break and trees may be uprooted, leaving behind a wake of debris and property damage. Following any storm, we suggest you perform a visual assessment of your trees and property.

The amount of damage a tree sustains is the result of several factors, including the size and type of tree and how it has been trained, maintained, and/or pruned. Most damage to properties is the result of poor pruning, which sets up structural weaknesses in your trees and makes them potential hazards.

If a dangling branch is near electrical wires or is especially heavy, make sure to contact professionals to do the job.

At BC Tree Service, we’re always ready to lend a hand during times of crisis. If you or your property is in peril, you can reach us day or night, 7 days a week at (604) 908-3000 .

Our experienced emergency crews have the equipment and experience to safely and efficiently resolve your tree-related problem.

We strongly recommend that you reduce risk to your property by trimming tree branches well clear of your house and garage.

Remember to add our 24/7 phone number – (604) 908-3000 – to your list of emergency contacts.