Cabling and Bracing

Cabling and bracing may be used to improve and/or restore the structural integrity of a tree that is worth preserving. In most circumstances, we recommend that your tree be pruned in order to remove any potentially hazardous limbs and the crown thinned out to help improve tree structure and air circulation.

Should the tree still remain susceptible to further stress and/or continue to present an increased risk of personal or property damage, then cabling and bracing should be performed.

Cabling and bracing involves attaching fasteners to the weakened limb and the main trunk of the tree. Using ropes or chains, tension is applied to the weakened limb.

Heavy-duty cables are then prepared and attached to each fastener to provide the correct amount of support for the weakened limb.

After cabling and bracing is completed, deep root fertilization may be required in order to encourage and maintain healthy growth.

While it sounds like a relatively simple process, the practice of cabling and bracing requires a great deal of technical expertise and specialized equipment.

Let the experienced staff at BC Tree Service help you in protecting the longevity of your trees and in ensuring the safety of those around it.