Hedge and Shrub Maintenance

Several factors need to be considered when determining what types of maintenance activities to provide and when to do them. These include time of year, age and species of your trees or shrub, site conditions, and cost.

Timely and appropriate maintenance activities can be used to maintain or improve the health and longevity, reduce hazards, and increase the value of your property. These involve:

  • Proper application of mulch
  • Appropriate watering and incorporating irrigation systems if needed
  • Weed control using safe herbicides
  • Trimming and training of young trees
  • Cleaning up and rejuvenating older plants
  • Keeping crowns free of weak and crossing branches
  • Pruning of branches affected by storm damage or disease
  • Removal of co-dominant leaders and weakly-attached branches
  • Ensuring appropriate nutrition through use of slow release fertilizer
  • Monitoring for disease and insect problems
  • Pruning to control size and to guide direction
  • Removal of hazardous branches or trees

BC Tree Service provides a range of options in order to address your maintenance needs. Any recommended work is impartial and based on using industry-accepted practices performed to professional standards. Prior to beginning any project, we provide you with a written fixed price quotation. Don’t settle for a second rate job. Let our experienced staff do the right work at the right time and at the right price.