Insect and Disease Control

A healthy tree will have less of an insect and disease problem then an unhealthy one. The odds for defoliation and death sharply increase as a tree’s health suffers and declines.

Diseases and pests are often interrelated and by controlling one you control the other. The most important aspect of controlling pests and disease is the appropriate and timely identification of the source of the problem. Remediation normally requires an integrated approach in which there is a wide range of strategies.

A common tactic and often times quickest solution involves the application of chemical spray. This, however, may not be optimal in the long run. Some insects and related creatures are beneficial, because they control populations of harmful insects through predation or parasitism.

It is in your best interest to keep them, so you want to avoid any treatments that take out the good bugs with the bad bugs. Caution should be used as inappropriate pesticide application can also kill off beneficial bacteria, which in turn causes stress in the plants.

All stressed plants attract insects, especially ants, and diseases. At BC Tree Service, we promote natural solutions to common pest and disease infestations. A strong knowledge in these practices is combined with our views in preventing the overuse of chemical strays and pesticides.

Not only is it important to prevent the spread of harmful insects and devastating diseases, we feel that it is our obligation to preserve the overall health of our environment.

You can assist us by lowering your overall to disease and pest infestation by regularly inspecting your trees and taking some simple, preventative measures. These include:

  • Cleaning up around your area around your trees and shrubs
  • Ensuring proper watering and nutrition of your plants
  • Appropriately applying compost and mulch
  • Placing ant cafes around trees for long term ant control
  • Applying suitable natural repellents

BC Tree Service is proud of our commitment in keeping our community green and healthy.