Plant Management and Care

Diseases and inappropriate maintenance causes defoliation and/or death in numerous fruit and ornamental plants every year. At BC Tree Service, we recommend you implement an effective disease and maintenance program that attends to the various needs of your plants and trees located throughout your property.

We can assist you with setting up a program that includes annual inspection, preventative measures, and corrective action planning. As part of a plant care and maintenance package, BC Tree Service offers our clients one-stop access to a comprehensive list of vital operations. These include:

  • site analysis
  • transplanting
  • pruning
  • watering and fertilizing
  • monitoring and managing pests and diseases
  • mulch application
  • weed control
  • landscape maintenance

We will work with you to customize a plan that will fit your vision and budget. Contact us today and have a site visit performed by one of our courteous representatives.